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With 40 years’ experience in the sector and thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies in the development of the chemical industry & Leather goods industry, the KRABE Group chemical industry is able to create chemical products for leather & Textile Industries use, ensuring constant quality. KRABE Group presents its entire range of chemical products for the leather, Textile industry, HIPERESIN Melamine formaldehyde powder resins particularly well-suited for automotive applications, HIPERADD Process and functional additives which are used primarily in the woodworking industry, specifically listing the type and use of each product. In its formulations, KRABE Group exclusively uses selected raw materials, therefore obtaining top performance in the various processing of both sector; it is also able to guarantee full technical assistance, bringing a valid contribution to the study and development in the leather & Textile industry. Besides selling with its own brand KRABE Group has always diversified its activities by providing both bases,d specific raw material procurements for Leather Industries. KRABE, basically develops and produces chemicals suitable for tanning, retaining agents and finishing.

A group of Italian investors acquires Borealis business and operations in Castellanza, Italy, renaming the company into Chemisol Italia Srl. "We are very excited to acquire and further develop this melamine based resins and additives business based in Lombardy, Italy," explains Gianluca Bagatti , CEO and owner of Chemisol Italia. "AMI Italy has a reliable customer base, with good opportunities for further production expansion and increased product offer."

2007 OMV, Central Europe's leading oil and gas group, together with its core shareholder IPIC, incorporates AMI Agrolinz Melamine International (AMI), into Borealis, second largest European producer of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Borealis will provide excellent support for AMI's further international expansion.

2005 Hiperadd sales reached 1400 ton: AMI becomes one of the leading companies in this business.

1998 Additives for paper impregnation and board production are included as standard products.

1990 Austrian company Chemie Linz (OMV group), one of the leading producers of melamine and plant nutrients, acquires Montedison's Castellanza chemical park and changes its name in Agrolinz Melamine International Italia Srl (AMI-I).

1966 – 1990 Montedison becomes the most important chemical company in Italy. Product range includes among melamine and urea powder resins. A top level research laboratory (LARAC) involved in developing projects supported by Italian Government.

1966 Edison, leader in chemical products, acquires Montecatini and changes the name into Montedison, that develops projects supported by Italian Government.

1901 – 1966 Montecatini founded a chemical company in Castellanza.